DELTHAmannosio ®

  • Complex of high-dose D-mannose (1000 mg), purified nucleotides and Cranberry titrated in HPLC
  • Adjuvant in treating and preventing acute and recurrent cystitis and fighting its symptoms
  • A natural help to strengthen the natural bladder defenses

    • Consortium of high-dose probiotics (9 selected strains and two distinct formulations: 25 and 50 billion of live cells)
    • Clinical research and patent of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Policlinico Agostino Gemelli in Rome with a unique and innovative formulation to correct dysbiosis and support the natural balance of the intestinal bacterial flora
    • Packaged in transparent, vegetable and gastro-resistant capsules:
      • Masking of unpleasant taste and odor
      • No brighteners (titanium dioxide)
      • Maintaining the viability and efficacy of probiotics in the gastrointestinal tract

    delthaPROST ®

    • Presence of Teoside, an innovative substance from plant cell cultures of Ajuga reptans, useful against inflammatory state and active on 5 Alpha Reductase in synergy with pumpkin seeds with antioxidant effect and prostate growth control action (counteracting benign prostatic hypertrophy: BPH)
    • Synergy between PEA known for ALIA effect, resveratrol and phytosomal Curcuma with high bioavailability and absorption, dedicated to fight prostate inflammation
    • Addition of N-Acetylcysteine produced by fermentation, known for its decongestant and antibacterial properties

    EPATOril ®

  • High Titration Silymarin (80%) from Sylibum Marianum (250 mg), known for hepatoprotective properties
  • A help from Rosemary, used since ancient times for its detoxifying and rebalancing action
  • No side effects typical of pharmacological treatments
  • EPATOril plus ®

  • High dosage of Silybum Marianum (400 mg) providing high content in Silymarin (titration 80%)
  • Innovative and high bioavailable formulation of phytosomal Turmeric (Meriva®)
  • A synergy of hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory principles to support liver functions
  • GLUCAdel ®

  • The synergy of beta-glucan, echinacea, rose hip and zinc to support immune defenses
  • A source of resveratrol and vitamins A and C against free radicals
  • Useful to better be ready for seasonal diseases and face up to common infections
  • ferroC ®

  • Source of high bioavailability and slow release iron thanks to nanoparticle technology (Sunactive®)
  • High gastric tolerability, no unpleasant taste and odor
  • Addition of Vitamin C to further improve absorption
  • NEUdel ®

  • From the action of the Alpha Lipoic Acidand the B vitamins group, an aid against neuropathic pain
  • Antiage
  • High tolerability and bioavailability, patented slow release(Matrix Retard®)
  • disliCOL ®

  • A complex of Monacolin K, Resveratrol and Artichoke, the natural help in the control of hypercholesterolemia
  • Folic acid supply, useful in the control of homocysteine levels
  • Adjuvant in cardiovascular prevention, without side effects typical of pharmacological treatments
  • raxiVEN ®

  • Synergy of diosmin, troxerutin and escin, known for the beneficial action on the microcirculation
  • Protective action on the venous circle
  • Support for swelling and heaviness in the legs
  • MEGAnet ®

  • Ultra concentrated Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) sourcefor the well-being and functionality of the whole body: Omegavie®
  • Obtained from tuna caught in the open sea, far away from industry, selected to give the highest available DHA content
  • High purity, high stability and absence of heavy metals thanks to Qualitysilver® technology
  • delthaSON ®

  • An effective and balanced synergy between melatonin, valerian and passionflower
  • A "sweet" help for a better rest
  • A relaxing action without side effects typical of pharmacological treatments
  • MEGAnet ®

    MEGAnet® is an Omega-3 fatty acids supplement consisting of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid).

    raw material
    how to use
    • Ultra concentrated Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) sourcefor the well-being and functionality of the whole body: Omegavie®
    • Obtained from tuna caught in the open sea, far away from industry, selected to give the highest available DHA content
    • High purity, high stability and absence of heavy metals thanks to Qualitysilver® technology
    Fish Oil1000,00 g
      of which EPA0,450 g
      of which DHA0,180 g
    Rosemary0,004 g
    Omega-3 fatty acids are contained in fish oil (salmon, swordfish, sardines, mackerel, white tuna) but this ingredient is usually not present in the average population.
    In addition omega-3 fatty acids degrade in the hot processing of foods and the body's ability to metabolize them decreases with age.
    As a consequence, satisfying the needs with the only diet can be difficult.
    In addition, a balanced diet would contain a ratio of about 1:2 between Omega-3:Omega-6 instead of the observed ratio of 1:10 in industrialized countries, and for this reason, supplementation should be considered.

    Researches confirm that the right daily intake of EPA and DHA associated with a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and a regular physical activity, promote the well-being of the cardiovascular system by reducing the levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDL, regulating blood pressure, exhibiting anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet activity.

    MEGAnet® is manufactured with ultra-pure and ultra-stable marine oils (OmegavieR) using a solvent free method of extraction.
    Omegavie® marine oils is a full range of natural and ultra-concentrated marine-derived oils which are clean and fresh and give you the guarantee of high purity, high stability and high quality.

    Controlled sourcing of raw materials

    The Omegavie® range used is produced from crude oilsselected to give the highest available DHA content.
    The crude oil is producedfrom food grade tuna by-products. The fish used to produce this range arecaught in the open sea, mainly in Pacific and/or Indian oceans.
    Fisheries are sourced in oceanic areas that are free from any industry in order to guarantee optimum oil quality and purity.

    Respecting marine resources

    Omegavie® is manufactured upholding a sustainable policy of preserving and respecting fishing quotas and the marine environment.
    The fishing methods used do not impact on the ocean floor and are selective.
    Fishing is not carried out on overfished stock and is subject to quotas.
    This commitment results in total traceability from raw materials to the final Omega-3-rich ingredient.
    This ensures consumers enjoy optimum, consistent and controlled quality levels.

    Ultra-pure oils

    Omegavie® oils undertakes an exclusive purification process.
    THE cuting-edge purification technology allows any potential residual pollutants to be removed from oils using gentle, eco-friendly methods.
    The result? Ultra-pure Omegavie® oils of exceptional quality that contain barely detectable levels of some contaminants in compliance with the GOED Omega-3 Voluntary monograph and European regulations.

    Highly stable oils

    The Qualitysilver® technology protects the oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids against the oxidation while increases their stability significantly.
    The oils’ nutritional and organoleptic qualities are thereby effectively preserved.
    The Qualitysilver® label guarantees stable oils with a long-lasting effect.
    Omegavie® oils have a guaranteed shelf life of up to 3 years.
    We recommend taking one tablets a day, preferably during main meals.